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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

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Polka Dot Kids LLC distinguishes itself through a distinctive model and an efficient approach that minimizes burdensome administrative tasks and paperwork commonly encountered by therapists.

This is particularly significant as it allows therapists to allocate more dedicated time to session planning and staying abreast of the latest research and best practices. By prioritizing the optimization of therapists’ time, we aim to deliver a higher quality of care and improved outcomes for the children and families under our care.

The significance lies in the fact that the more time therapists have, the better the quality of care they can offer to both you and your child, creating a mutually beneficial situation. Unlike typical caseloads for therapists, our goal at Polka Dot Kids is to maintain a caseload below the industry norm, ensuring that families receive truly focused and attentive care.

Our Services

Pediatric occupational therapy is uniquely designed to engage children in their favorite activities by using play to focus on developing essential skills for independence. Our approach establishes an enjoyable and supportive setting, addressing sensory, cognitive, perceptual, and fine motor skills. This encompasses a wide range of areas like coordination, feeding, self-care, and handwriting.

Feeding therapy incorporates a blend of various therapies, such as sensory, myofunctional, and neuromuscular approaches. Whether addressing sensory aversions or oral mechanical issues, our program comprehensively addresses these concerns, aiming to ensure your child receives the necessary nutrition they need while fostering smoother mealtimes for your family.

Primitive reflex integration includes a range of fun and unique motor movement activities aimed to address the retained reflex. A great analogy is that similar to the frustration one feels while using a shopping cart with wheel out of place, children may encounter challenges when their bodies are consistently influenced by unintegrated reflex patterns leading to increased irritability and difficulty concentrating.

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