About Megan

Megan, owner of polka dot kids

Why polka dot kids for the name?

Great question! When I think about children, school, and teachers and the support system involved in raising children I tend to picture kindergarten teachers, and more specifically teachers wearing polka dots. Maybe my kindergarten teacher was influential and wore lots of polka dots, not sure why that is the imagery that comes to my mind but it is a strong picture I associate with.

Despite this association of polka dots with femininity, education and teachers, in the past the phrase was linked to “symbols of supernatural potency and moral uncleanliness” (Fast Company, 2015) After googling and reading this, it made the phrase stick.

Over the course of the years the perceptions toward the phrase have changed so significantly that even Minnie Mouse has them on her dress. And this is what I am striving for with this blog- to help to continue to change the perceptions, education, and quality of life of the children we help raise. And specifically those with special needs who historically have not always been treated with the highest morality and respect.

More background information

I’m a Dayton and West Chester native. I studied psychology at the University of Toledo. I went on to work as a preschool teacher at Child Time before moving to North Carolina, where I received my masters in occupational therapy from East Carolina University. Since then I have worked in the hospital outpatient setting and more recently in the local school settings. I am married with an amazing and supportive family. I love spending time with family and friends, completing projects around the house, arts and crafts, baking, and HGTV.


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