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This website, blog or anything associated with polkadotdays.com should not be used in replace of medical, therapeutic or legal advice or treated as medical, therapeutic or legal advice. The purpose of polkadotdays.com is for education only.  If you or your child have a medical condition or need medical advice please contact your physician and therapist. None of polkadotdays resources are therapy, a substitute for therapy, or to be used in replace of therapy. If you have questions on what specifics you should be doing for your child, consult with your therapist or provider.

We highly recommend any activity, task, project, game, or action from this blog be under direct adult supervision. Each activity or suggestion should be individualized and every participant and parent should determine if it is safe and appropriate for themselves and their child.

All activities are to be performed at your own risk. Polkadotdays.com is not responsible for any injury or damage done while performing an activity from any information on this website, blog, email, or similar.

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Polkdotdays disclaims liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any activities or ideas from the website and/or purchased or free activities and printables.

Polkdotdays disclaims liability for any choice or decision made by reader or participant in regards to their personal or child’s education, therapy, progress, lack of progress, behavior or similar.

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