Are your child’s hands developing correctly?

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Typical Development of Grasping and Reaching Patterns

From birth to mature grasp

Birth to 1 month

  • No reach
  • Has random arm movements
  • Moves arms symmetrically
newborn, baby 1 month, hand development

2 months

  • Recognizes hands
  • Thumb usually outside of palm
  • Asymmetrical reach
baby, 2 months, thumb outside of palm, development

3 months

  • Voluntary grasp when placed in hand- grasp reflex decreases
  • Attempts to reach toward a toy
  • Plays with fingers at chest in middle of body
voluntary grasp, child, baby, development

4 months

  • Leans toward reaching arm
  • Symmetrical reach with both hands
  • Brings hands to mouth and knees
  • More open hand/fingers
4 month baby reaching, development

5 months

  • Reaches with one hand laying on belly
  • Holds with palmar grasp for a couple of seconds
  • Corrals objects (traps and pushes with open hand)
  • Hands to feet
baby, blanket, newborn-1839565.jpg
baby, hands to feet, development
baby, reaching on belly, one hand, development

6 months

  • Radial Palmar Grasp
  • Bangs items
  • Rakes small items (all fingers extend and flex when trying to grab)
baby, radial grasp, development

7 months

  • Reach and grasp with straight arm
  • Palm faces self when bending elbow
  • Moves wrist when holding toy or object
  • Shakes and bangs items
baby reaching with straight arm, fine motor development

8 months

  • Holds two objects in one hand
  • Hands and fingers conform to object’s shape
  • Radial digital grasp
  • Three jaw chuck
  • Lateral pinch
hand conforms to object shape, fine motor development

11 months

  • Can reach overhead
  • Can hold outstretched arm to side with palm up
baby reaching above head, supinated arm, child development

2-3 years

  • Digital Pronate
  • All fingers are pointed
child, correct writing grasp by age

4 years

Static Tripod

drawing, child, correct writing or drawing grasp

5-6 years

  • Mature dynamic tripod
  • More fine tune movements of joints in fingers
pencil, hand, writing grasp

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